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If you are located in New England or Europe, please contact my wonderful friend, Janet Zade.

She knows the territory and will facilitate a visit to your conference, school or library.

As a bonus, she represents several other authors and illustrators and would be delighted to share their information with you.


Janet Zade's website: www.authors4kids.com


Email Janet Zade

Zade Educational Partners


I take care of the bookings from New York State west, south and north for our Canadian friends.


When you email me about a visit please include the following information:


Your name and e-mail,

name/address of school

school phone and best time to call,

home phone or evening phone (optional)

and a short message

Email Suzanne Bloom


Thank you for contacting me!

If you cannot find my books in your local bookstore,


They may be ordered from my publisher.

Toll Free 1-800-793-2665