It Ended with a Story

Starting with some early masterpieces from kindergarten,
I will talk about how I became an artist.

I will read several of my books (very dramatically),
show stacks of do-overs and have plenty of time for questions and answers.

The easy part of writing or drawing is getting the idea.

Turning it into an interesting tale is the hard part.

By sharing my sloppy copies, sketches and scribbles,
and emphasizing the importance of choosing words wisely,
I hope to convince my listeners that the creative process
can be applied to any activity.


Before the school visit, I encourage you to read a selection of my books with your students.

This program is adaptable for grades K-6.  With the older grades we talk more about process.

Please allow 30-40 minutes for K-2 and 45-50 minutes for grades 3-6.

1-4 classes per presentation, depending on grade size.

In the Picture:

One Illustrator’s Devotion to Diversity



When children see themselves in the books they read, it validates their place in literature. Sharing that place with other characters whose age, ability, color, shape or culture is different provides a blueprint for the future. Using my own work and other contemporary examples, we will explore the importance of diverse representation in children’s picture books.


Teacher, librarian, parent, in-service workshop

The Magic Wand Workshop

The story of a wish that goes awry provides the inspiration for the Magic Wand Workshop. Accompanied by music to make you smile, students choose from a variety of sparkly materials that are fun to work with. Each wand is as unique as the child who made it and transports the “magician” to the starting point for writing wishes and magic stories.


Grades 2-4, 50 minutes, materials provided, size: 1 class




The Wishing Star Workshop

Here’s a hands-on workshop for the smallest hands. After hearing a story about wishes, students get their own large matte board star to decorate. Feathers, buttons and doo-dads are glued on with precision or abandon, depending on the young artist’s style. Suzanne will provide stars and materials. Teachers may wish to add some of their own treasures to the mix.


Grades K-1, 45 minutes, materials provided, size: 1 class

In the Poem Zone:  Writing Workshop

From brain spill to sloppy copy, how do you start

Writing personal poetry?

Grain of truth…Dare to imagine

Collect, select, reject, connect

Arrange, re-re-rearrange, edit

Emotions, observations, rhythms, sounds

Do you see what
I say?

This workshop includes a variety of verbal and writing start-ups, models and samples

to show content, technique, and critique.  A poetry bibliography is included.


Grades 3-6          allow 1 1/4 hours           size:  1 class

Together we can tailor presentations for your students or staff development.


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